Boy, 20, amputated after deadly herdsmen attack while struggling to feed widowed mother

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Victor Markus weeps after being told he'd be amputated

Victor Markus, 20, on Sunday had his right leg amputated after a deadly bullet from attacking herdsmen ruptured his bones and veins a forth night ago.

He was riding on a motorbike with his friend, Mr. Gyang Gwom, at about 6:30pm, when ambushing herdsmen opened fire, hitting two of them.

The attack near Vat village, in Foron District of Plateau State, the home of a Village Chief recently hacked to death in his compound by suspected herdsmen, had both victims surviving with severe injuries.

Gyang Gwom, hit in the thigh

But while Gyang was only hit in the thigh before he escaped being on the wheels, Victor fell off the bike when the first bullet hit him and was chased with more gunfire.

He was left for dead, after the attackers stripped and left with his trousers which had money and his mobile phone in its pockets.

His right leg was hit multiple times around the thigh, leading to multiple fractures and severe bleeding.

Victor in emergency ward shortly after being rescued from attack scene

Doctors struggled to fix back the leg but were overpowered by a fast spreading infection causing cell damage in the lower part of the leg.

Amputation became the last option to save Victor’s life seeing that it could spread to other parts of the body in a short time.

Victor was Monday full of tears, after being amputated in theatre. He was an only available source of support to his poor mother, struggling to sponsor himself through school and end her sufferings.

Victor’s leg is amputated following deadly infection

His father died when he was 8, and they have only survived on farming and menial jobs ever since. Through these, he attended secondary school and graduated with impressive results. He was still struggling to raise money and further his education when he was attacked.

“I wanted to be a Pilot, and serve in the Nigerian Military,” he said, regretting that his new disability has put a permanent end to it. More worrisomely, he can no longer take menial jobs as he previously did to raise money and support his widowed mother. “I feel like dying,” said Victor with eyes full of tears.”

Victor’s cells already dead in affected leg long before amputation

Victor might not be the first to be amputated but his vulnerability from childhood, being born to a poor peasant family and losing own father at a tender age makes his a unique case. His first challenge is not likely to be how to walk with one leg but how to cope with the fact that a part of him is gone forever.

How he gets help to cope with his new condition and still achieve his dreams will perhaps depend on the kind donations of philanthropic individuals and groups, likely reading this report.

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