Borno Journalists fear BH attacks not ending soon

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From Bodunrin Kayode, Maiduguri

Following the attack on Beneshiek and Bama towns on Monday, the Nigerian Union of journalists nuj Borno State council has called on the armed forces of Nigeria to wake up to it’s responsibility to end the lingering insurgency in the country.

The union does not believe that the signs that the insurgency is going to end soon are here especially with last Saturdays attack on Nganze in which over sixty five people perished in the hands of Boko Haram.

In that attack not even the army or the Airforce showed up hours after the people alerted that they were gathering close by.

Chairman of the NUJ Borno Council Bulama Talba in a terse statement noted that the union is deeply worried about the unabating attacks by insurgents against innocent civilians in communities surrounding Maiduguri.

The Union called on the general public to assist security agencies with timely intelligence on the negative activities of such attackers and expected proactive measures by security operatives in order to checkmate and bring an end to these attacks.

It went on “It is sad that when the country’s armed forces have succeeded in degrading the insurgents’ mode of operation there are grave concerns to safeguard returnee communities and IDPs in liberated areas and camps.

“We urge the Country’s armed forces to adopt additional strategy and synergy to safeguard these citizens who are worst hit by the resurgence of violent attacks on their livelihoods and dignity.

“As NUJ reassures of professional support and conduct in promoting a quick end to the armed conflict in Borno State and Lake Chad region, we call on the Federal Government to engage and explore more stakeholders and channels of diplomacy to put a stop to the menace causing one havoc after another.

“We equally call on the aggrieved insurgents to sheathe their sword and embrace the path of reconciliation and dialogue with the Nigerian government to press home their demands against the armed conflict that has inflicted too much pains and loss of lives on too many communities for a decade.”

The advent of the airforce fighter gets were on hand to quickly save the situation in Beneshiek headquarters of kaga council area which is the gateway to Maiduguri and which has been attacked several times in the last decade to shut down the Borno state capital and keep residents in captivity.


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