Behold, Plateau’s first female Senator to replace late Senator Longjan

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Nigerian election officials recently announced vacancies and planned rerun elections in three States, Plateau included. The polls might not hold immediately due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, interests are building up for the Plateau Southern Senatorial seat.

For the first time, a potential candidate has arisen from the academia – a female first timer in conventional politics, but an old hand in public administration, community development and humanitarian service.

Mrs. Nora Ladi Dadut, a Professor of French in the University of Jos hails from Qua’pan Local Government Area in the Southern Senatorial District of the State. She’s a member of the Lady Knight of St. John’s Int’l and the second Supreme Vice-President in the whole world.

She has been Principal and Education Director for years. While holding those civil service positions, Nora set up a nongovernmental organization, “Society for Community Concerns” in 2004 to help communities utilize their local potentials for self-development.

The nongovernmental organization, Plateau State has executed several programs – water and sanitation hygiene, adult education and among others, agricultural training through community mobilization and participation, a globally recommended model for sustainable development.

Nora’s hoped representation of the people of Plateau South in Parliament, would expand the network and impact of her NGO for improved health, education and wealth in rural communities, she said in a media chat, Friday. Plateau South, Nora said, faces both social and economic deprivations. But as she puts it, “I can change that if given the opportunity.”

Prof. Nora

Nora is married to Mr. John Dadut, blessed with four children, Jonathan Dadut, a Civil Engineer in Canada, Jumai Apata, a Medical Doctor in Morgan University, Maryland, Noah Nanet Dadut, A pilot and a Check Pilot in Florida and Judith Dadut, a Lecturer with the University of Jos. “I hate to see women and children growing without education or opportunities to excel in life,” she said.

Nora perhaps has fierce battles ahead to clinch the Senatorial position and carry out her dreams, but she might be the gold to look out for. Being largely in Civil Service and Academia, Nora knows nothing but service, with no records of mismanagement or failure.

In fact, her educational career started in 1961 in R.C.M School Kwalla when she willingly followed her older siblings to school. Despite being under-aged, Nora’s class records were so impressive that at Primary 2, when she was due for promotion to primary 3, she was promoted to Primary 4. Those excellent records continued till she obtained her Doctorate in 1991.

Failure for her, though inevitable, should never be a result of one’s failure to strive for perfection. She is therefore going all-out, starting from the Senate position, to join other anti-corruption and development advocates to inspire positive change in all of Africa.

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