African-European businessman lashes Plateau Governor over ‘Ruga’

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The founder and financier of Yillah foundation, Chief Dennis Yillah, has chided Laloñg for betraying the mandate of Plateau people by accepting the Ruga settlement policy of the federal government against the wishes of the vast majority of the citizens of the state who overwhelmingly voted him into power.

In a press statement signed by the Ngas born Europe based business magnet, accepting to cede an inch of Plateau ancestral land for the purpose of Ruga settlements that seeks to favour only the Fulani herdsmen is an act of treachery against the indigenous people of the state, and would be vehemently resisted by men of goodwill.

Mr. Yillah chided the governor for doing everything to please the Buhari led APC administration, even when such is clearly detrimental to the well being of the Plateau people. Such act of sycophancy, according to the business mogul, is typical of a treacherous leader who would trade his people in order to be in the good books of the president and his nepotistic cohorts.

Mr Yillah called on the state legislature to call the governor to order, and enjoined elder statesmen from Plateau to rise up to the occasion and ensure the Ruga settlement policy does not get ground on the Plateau.

He expressed concern that despite the near absence of infrastructural developmental initiative embarked upon in the 4 years of the Buhari administration, by way of building schools or hospitals, the Buhari administration is bent on building settlements for his kinsmen at the expense of our common wealth.

“Such desperation exhibited by Mr President to please only the Fulani pastoralists, is lending credence to the recent alarm raised by former President Obasanjo that the Buhari administration is pursuing a ‘Fulanisation’ agenda”, the statement said.

The business magnet calls on youths across the 17 local government areas Plateau state to resist the ‘Fulanization’ agenda of President Buhari and kick against ceding their ancestral lands for the benefit of people the President himself at one time adjudged to be aliens. “Plateau lands are for Plateau People, and must not be allowed to be given out to aliens under whatever guise” the statement added.

He enjoined Christian religious leaders and clerics to be vociferous in rejecting this evil agenda, even as he commended Isah Elbuba of Ebomi for standing firm against the ethno religious stance of the Buhari administration, despite intimidation by state security apparatus.

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