About Plateau Social Media Awards coming July 7

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Social media is a phrase that we throw around a lot these days, often to describe what we post on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Social media are web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information.

Plateau Social Media Awards 2019 is established as a maiden edition of what will hopefully become a yearly event to recognize and encourage Plateau citizens to continually promote and create exceptional contents daily to solve critical life problems; thereby giving many people a reason to smile whenever they visit their platforms.

The Plateau State social Media awards is one of such platforms creating positive change in our society.

The awards is geared towards promoting “social media for social good”.

We intend to give back to the society in appreciation, what it has already inputed already.

This we are doing using the social Media space to gauge handles from the different users by voting online for the institutions, groups, corporate organizations, CSOs, and individual categories of their choices in a very transparent and regular manner.

The Plateau Social Media Awards (PSMA) 2019 actually recognized excellence in content creation, innovation and is ready to award voted talents in various fields, who have carved a niche for themselves by leveraging the social media platform.

PSMA 2019 is a platform to honor the brilliant brains and practitioners of blogs that have put the social media to good use in promoting their discipline, business ,corporate social responsibility to better the lot of humanity.

As social media and blogs grow to be the new powerful tools of influence in information communication technology, this event is to connect everyone in highlighting the work of some of the best from the social media fraternity of global and local social media practitioners

The Plateau Social Media Awards is established as a maiden edition of what will hopefully become a yearly event to recognize and encourage Plateau citizens who create exceptional content daily, giving many a reason to smile whenever they visit their platform.

The Inaugural Awards will hold 7th July 2019 in Jos, Plateau State.

The Awards is focused on nominations and entries from all social media users in Plateau state via all social media platforms.

To be a catalyst for changing the narrative on the social media space, using the platform as a tool for Promoting peaceful coexistence, tolerance and socio-economic development.

To contribute to the peace, unity, tourism potential, progress and development of Plateau state through social media useful engagements


There will be a pre-award lecture that will center on the use of the social media as a tool for positive socio-economic growth.
It will be a lecture that will have three sessions with keynote speakers and resource persons on supporting topics.
The aim is to engineer a paradigm shift from the recent state of mutual suspicion, political rivalry,hate speech, propaganda and mitigating conflict situations on the Plateau social media space, and engaging conversations for the enhancement of healthy growth within the plateau online community.

The Three Cardinal Points of the Lecture is focused on using the social media to promote business and entrepreneurial skills,politics and good governance and peaceful coexistence and tolerance amongst th citizenry especially the youths that form the bulk of social media users.


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